Friday, October 14, 2011

TUTU cUtE!!!!



*exceptions, angel wings in white only, ladybug only purple and red.

 ONLY 5$

TUTUS COME IN ANY COLOR, pink or green camo, RAINBOW, and some animal prints!!

*order form is at the bottom--scroll dooooown :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey, a call for cute pics of your sweeties, I pay in free flowers, just ask the girls--they are awesome!!!

Feathers and Fancy Flowers!!!

Feathers and Flowers--Rockin'!! Feathers are 5$ and Flowers are 2$

and...FANCY FLOWERS. These were inspired by a friend who took one of her scrapbooking brads and a little flower she bought from me and made a very classic, darling clip. I use Stampin' Up antique brads for the centers. They are perfect and only 5.95 for 20 of the little brads. I am selling these little sweeties for 2$ a piece.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring 2011--What's New!!

Spring is HERE!!! New Pettiskirts,
Spring Daisy Clips, Korker Hair Clippies,
Fun, New Chunky Bows!!!

Chunky Bows--2$ each!

New Korkers!! Only 3$ each!

Mother's Day

Need a great, simple idea for Mother's Day?  Let's re-visit the flower pens.  Fill a pot, fill a vase.  At only 2$ a piece you could really brighten Mom's Day......

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hair Clips

All Hair Clips-2.00 each!!!*unless marked otherwise

Gerbera Daisy--on clip  (2.00 each)

Chunky Bow--on clip (2.00 each)

Korker Bow--on clip (2.00)

Dragonfly--on clip (2.00 each)
*Animal Print Bow or Daisy--on clip (3.00 Each)
Chunky Satin Bow--on clip (2.00 each)
I Heart U--on clip (2.00 each)
*Double Zebra Daisy--on clip (3.00 each)
Crystal Peony--on clip (2.00 each)
Rose--on clip (2.00 each)

Butterfly--on clip (2.00)

*I did not take these pictures, they are straight from my supplier.  I do not make these clips, I buy the flowers and supplies and sometimes add the clips.  They are not intended for play by children under the age of 3.  They have small parts that pose a choking hazard.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines 2011

My 6 year old loves to sew.  I do not think that this is normal, but I guess it might be if little girls were allowed near the sewing stuff.  What's not to like, besides the sharp needle, but everything else is right up those creative munchkin's alley.  Lou-Lou decided to sew her valentines this year, so we picked something super simple.  She sewed 21 bags and then just cut out a simple heart and typed up the tags.  She decided that typing would be easier---ha!  An hour and 1/2 later she was done typing all the names that probably would have taken her 10 minutes to write.  Oh well, she got the experience down and she had fun.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day!!

Super cute, super easy--what could be better than that?  Oh, how about super cheap too?  Even better!  Lou-Lou came home from school with this pattern for valentines.

It is from a worksheet labeled the "Teacher's Friend".  I knew it was the perfect thing to try out with some patterned paper called "Love Letter" that I had just got from Stampin' Up.  So, you cut one heart for the body, one for the wings, cut a slit into the body piece and slide in the wings.  Simple Valentines!!  Here are my pieces and some finished shots.

Yes, they are kissing.  Well, they are "Love-birds".  I used some grosgrain ribbon for the beak, and a silver brad for the eye.  I hope you enjoy making some this valentines day!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where to put it all?

I have seen several cute ideas for organizing all these adorable hairthings.  These are what work best for me.  Just take the glass and "insides" out of a cute frame ( I buy mine for cheap at DI--local thrift store ) I love to spray paint mine a bright color.  While the spray paint is drying, wrap the "insides" (minus the glass) with fabric and stretch some cute ribbon across the front.  Same cute idea as those message boards.  I would be happy to make one for your hairthings. I also love making these earring holders--makes a great gift!! Email me if you are interested.  You could even order a matched set and be cute, stylish, organized, and oh so posh!!

Crochet Headwraps!!

I have seen these everywhere!!  They are so cute to keep your ears warm and to add something really stylish to any outfit.  I am selling them for 10$.  Right now I only offer them in cream, but will branch out in other colors soon.  Like 'em, Love 'em---me too!!