Friday, January 28, 2011

dessert, anyone?

Thank you Rachael Ray!!   Try this.....brownie mix in your waffle iron.  How easy and quick.  It takes about 5 minutes to mix AND cook.  We had them with ice cream, but they would be awesome with berries and whipped cream, or chocolate chips, or dried cherries,!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Loose Flowers

I also sell all of the flowers and hairthings without clips attached.  These are great for adding your own touches to scrapbooks, hairthings, hats, dresses, and even more.  The loose flowers are $1 each, or 20 for 15.00.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Order Form

This should make it easy!!!  Just fill out the order form at the bottom of the page---scroll dOOOOOwn, and then it will email straight to me and I will be contacting you VERY soon!!!  Thanks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Too hard to find....

Sorry 'bout that.  I put all this cute stuff out there and left you hanging.   The best ways to contact me are by email:   or come find me on facebook.  Right now it is just my personal profile  Bekki Dahl Pope.  I hope to have my facebook page for So Posh by next week.  It's just the working during naptime schedule that is making it a little slow.  When the kids are up, they are too cute to miss.

For ordering:  I need to know size, color, and type of flower or bow.  Then I will contact you back with a total that includes shipping.  I am charging very minimal shipping.  Probably 2.00 for most orders.  Flowers and bows are light--so I'll just pass that saving onto you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Thanks for your interest in my business.  I will review your email and get back to you as soon as I can!!


All Headbands are 2.00 each*
Small Crochet Headband (2.00 each)

Large Crochet Headband (2.00 each)
*Skinny Stretch Headband (1.00 each)

*Stretchy Headbands (1.00 each)

*These pictures were taken by my supplier, I did not make these headbands.

HAIR CLIPS--Pictures

A new venture!!!  I am selling Hair Bows and Headbands and Clips.  All things girly, all things posh and pretty.  This is the REAL reason I started this blog.  I am trying to offer all those cute hair things you see out there for more than half the price.  I welcome suggestions and ideas of what to offer, how to market, and especially pics of your posh princesses in their cute dress-ups and hair clips.  I will not post names of our "super-models", I just love to have a variety of ideas for everyone out there.  Hope you enjoy what I have to offer right now, and I will post new items as I get them and make them.

Korker with Small Hot Pink Crochet Headband

Double Zebra Daisy with Large Black Crochet Headband

Leopard Print Daisy on Clip

Double Zebra Daisy on Clip

Chunky Polka Dot Bow on Small Red Crochet Headband
...and thanks to my super-cute, super-models!!!  They were all so sweet to let me take their pics and "use" them in my advertising.

Princess Ballet

Our local Performing Arts Center held a Fairytales and Fantasy night.  They had the BYU Ballet come and perform some numbers from fairytales.  They even held a "tea party" before-hand.  We dressed up as princesses--who doesn't love an excuse to go out in public in dress-ups?--and had a "BALL". 

What's for dinner?

   Okay, here is a really simple idea.  I have heard of using your fancy china for everyday a few times, but was reminded of it by my six year old, I will be calling her "Lou-Lou".  We were having grilled cheese for dinner--so posh!  So, she asked if we could use our fancy serving platter.
   Wa-LA!!  We are so Posh!  Try it out.  Use your fancy china, goblets, serving trays.  Also, we have tried having a candle-lit dinner for Family Night.  It actually makes everyone calmer, and the first person done with their food gets to blow out a candle.  Here's to your next fancy home.


Did you know where the word POSH comes from?  This is a VERY cool fact.  Once upon a time, on sea voyages the wealthy passengers had their tickets stamped with P.O.S.H.  Which means, Port Out, Starboard Home.  This was to afford them the best views on their entire journey.  So, Posh really is fancy, it's seal means everything that is reserved for the wealthy and the priviledged.  On this blog, I really want to show a few ideas for making everyday things "FANCY" and for making the "Posh" things affordable to everyone.