Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day!!

Super cute, super easy--what could be better than that?  Oh, how about super cheap too?  Even better!  Lou-Lou came home from school with this pattern for valentines.

It is from a worksheet labeled the "Teacher's Friend".  I knew it was the perfect thing to try out with some patterned paper called "Love Letter" that I had just got from Stampin' Up.  So, you cut one heart for the body, one for the wings, cut a slit into the body piece and slide in the wings.  Simple Valentines!!  Here are my pieces and some finished shots.

Yes, they are kissing.  Well, they are "Love-birds".  I used some grosgrain ribbon for the beak, and a silver brad for the eye.  I hope you enjoy making some this valentines day!!!

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